Tim Allen improvised Buzz Lightyear lines in original Toy Story movie

The Home Improvement star has confessed that the film's writers have now stopped him from changing the script.

Tim Allen improvised many of his favourite lines as Buzz Lightyear in the first Toy Story movie.

The actor and comedian voiced the modern spaceman in Pixar's 1995 movie, and in a new interview, has revealed he was able to play around with the script while recording, much to the annoyance of the animators.

"The classic to me was when I would ad lib. It's not like Robin (Williams) when he did (Disney's 1992 animated movie) Aladdin. When I would ad lib, it's not a happy moment for the animators. They'll go, 'Oh God, that was funny, that was funny...' which means they have to go back and reanimate it," Tim said at a recent press day, according to editors at CinemaBlend.

One of his memorable lines was when Buzz and classic cowboy Woody, voiced by Tom Hanks, face off over the space toy's belief that he is, in fact, on a secret mission from unchartered space.

"When Woody goes, 'You are a toy!' and I said, 'You are a sad, strange little man and you have my pity.' The animators are going, 'Oh, damn, that's funnier than what we wrote.' Early on, they'd give it to me. Lately, they just say, 'Tim, read the script,'" the 65-year-old quipped.

Tim improvises less these days, but can get frustrated if he thinks the writers haven't been true to Buzz's character.

"You honour the process. When these guys let you just go and find who Buzz is," he shared. "I will say, the last of this is I've gotten to a point where - I can't believe I'm saying this - I'll go, 'Buzz wouldn't say that.'

"I mean, I'm telling the people who created this character and I get kind of huffy. 'Buzz doesn't get that excited and he won't say that! I'm gonna get some sliced pineapple.'"

Toy Story 4 hits cinemas from 19 June.

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