Bryce Dallas Howard maintained English accent for entire Rocketman shoot

Bryce got the advice from David Oyelowo when they filmed As You Like It in 2006.

Bryce Dallas Howard was so determined to make sure her English accent in Rocketman was convincing that she even maintained it in between takes.

The 38-year-old actress stars as Elton John's mother Sheila in the critically acclaimed biopic, and had to swap her American twang for a British lilt for the role. Perfecting the accent was a challenge, so Bryce decided to fully commit in order to get it right.

"I worked with a wonderful dialect coach, and I actually stayed in the accent the entire time," she told Popsugar UK. "The process is like learning a language. If you immerse yourself in the country, and you're speaking in a language all the time, your brain is going to connect the dots much faster than practising in isolated spurts.

"The fact that we were shooting in the UK, I thought to myself, 'I might well just just go for it.' I did that as well on a movie that I did years ago with Kenneth Branagh, called As You Like It. I did a British accent on that which was really fun. David Oyelowo was actually the person who told me - encouraged me - to do that. To stay in the accent the whole time. He's a very loving person, and so he made me feel not embarrassed about it. I'm really grateful to him for that! So that's kind of always been my approach to a dialect."

Bryce also acknowledged that she had a slight advantage when it came to getting the accent sorted - thanks to her father, director Ron Howard.

"When I was younger, and my dad was filming Willow, we shot a lot of it in the UK," she explained. "I learned to read and write while going to a school called Cavendish here in London, so my parents told me that after living here at the age of six for five days - or three days, actually, for three days - I had a full British accent. They were like, 'You phoney!' So, I kept it the whole time. There's so many videos of me as a kid. Oh my gosh. It's just so funny."

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