James Cameron refused to return to Terminator: Dark Fate without Arnold Schwarzenegger

Linda Hamilton will also reprise her role as Sarah Connor in the sixth instalment of the sci-fi action movie saga.

James Cameron made it clear to studio bosses that he would only be involved in Terminator: Dark Fate if Arnold Schwarzenegger was on board.

The Oscar-winning director, who helmed the original movie back in 1984, serves as a producer on the sixth instalment of the sci-fi action movie saga.

However, Cameron has confessed in a now-deleted video interview for Flicks and the City that he originally refused to even contemplate going back to the Terminator series without the Austrian-American actor.

"I said, 'Look I'd love to be involved in this, but I can't be involved in a Terminator movie without working with my good friend of 35 years, Arnold Schwarzenegger, even if it's to officially pass the baton to a new generation of characters,'" Cameron commented, according to Cinemablend.com. "So that's what we all agreed to do. Then the question became, 'What about Linda (Hamilton), does Linda want to come back?'"

Hamilton is also reprising her role as Sarah Connor, alongside Schwarzenegger who is back as the cyborg assassin disguised as a human.

Deadpool's Tim Miller is handling directing duties for the movie, which is due to begin hitting cinemas in late October.

Cameron also hinted that if the 62-year-old actress hadn't wanted to reprise Connor, then her character wouldn't have been included in Terminator: Dark Fate.

The movie will be the first time since 1991's Terminator 2: Judgement Day that Cameron, Schwarzenegger, and Hamilton have worked together on the franchise.

Dark Fate is reportedly a direct sequel to the first two Terminator movies, with the entries in between - including Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Terminator Salvation and Terminator Genisys - having occurred in different timelines.

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