Jamie Bell: 'There’s a beautiful vulnerability to Elton John' 

The British actor plays Elton's longtime songwriter Bernie Taupin in the movie.

Jamie Bell has insisted Elton John’s vulnerability helped Rocketman become a more honest biopic.

In the movie, the 33-year-old plays Bernie Taupin – the Tiny Dancer hitmaker's longtime songwriter.

Now, Jamie has confessed that he was stunned by the bravery of the project, and how far the story delved into the musician's tumultuous life.

"I think there’s a beautiful vulnerability to Elton John. He has really laid himself bare for decades, and that certainly hasn’t stopped just because a movie is being made about him. I think he went into this going, 'If I’m going to do this, I have to show every part of me,’" he explained to Deadline. "So, it can’t be sanitised in any way, and it shouldn’t be. He’s been through some stuff that I think a lot of people also struggle with... I think he would feel like he would be undermining those people who deal with that stuff if it was glossed over, and I appreciate that.

"I was enamoured by how ballsy the project was, to be honest. I was enamoured by how brave I thought the storyline was, the subject matter that this film would cover, and how deep it would dive into his life. It was unafraid to turn over stones and look underneath rocks."

The movie, directed by Dexter Fletcher and starring Taron Egerton as Elton, candidly looks at the star's struggle with drink, drugs, and his sexuality.

And Jamie was full of praise for the way the I'm Still Standing hitmaker allowed the biopic to document his highs and lows.

The Billy Elliot actor continued: "I think that’s really, again, a ballsy, brave and courageous way of doing it. He is kind of hanging himself out there for everyone to scrutinise, but I think that is the way that he’s always done it, to a degree. So why stop now?"

Rocketman is now showing in cinemas.

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