Andy Serkis devised his own make-up for Long Shot role

Long Shot director Jonathan Levine has praised the physicality Andy Serkis brings to his roles.

Andy Serkis devised his own make-up to transformation for his role in the political romcom Long Shot.

The 55-year-old actor, who is best known for his motion capture work in films like The Lord of the Rings, plays wizened, silver-haired media mogul Parker Wembley in Jonathan Levine’s new film.

Seth Rogen, who stars as a slovenly speechwriter who falls for a presidential candidate, played by Charlize Theron, said Andy demanded he be allowed to devise the look of the character.

“We offered him the role, and then he was like, 'Okay.' And then he started sending ideas for what he would look like,” he told Cinema Blend. “And we were like, 'What do you mean? I thought he kind of looked a lot like Andy Serkis.' But he was like, 'No, I got this whole thing.' And we were like, 'Whatever, man!'”

Jonathan, whose film has received rave reviews, confirmed the British star’s dedication to his craft and revealed it made his job as a filmmaker much easier.

“Andy Serkis made choices that nobody asked him to make, and that sounds like a negative thing, but as a director, actually, that's one of the most beautiful gifts you can give a director,” he smiled. “Because he really dove into the character, and he really wanted to make it his own. The biggest thing was that he decided to be in prosthetic make-up for six hours a day.”

The director also praised the star’s physicality in the role, explaining that it’s what makes him unique to work with as an actor.

“You start to realise that this is how Andy Serkis accesses characters,” he gushed. “If you think about Andy Serkis' career, it's facial expressions; it's very primal stuff. And so that really helped him figure out this guy.”

Long Shot is in cinemas now.

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