The Aftermath brought back childhood memories for producer Ridley Scott

The filmmaker lived in Frankfurt and Hamburg after World War Two.

Ridley Scott lived out his childhood in Germany while developing new movie The Aftermath.

The Gladiator director jumped at the chance to produce the film when Jack Arbuthnott introduced him to the post World War Two project, because he felt he could add authenticity to the film.

"It completely recalled my childhood," he tells WENN. "In 1947, I was 10 at the time, my father was important in the army and we lived in Frankfurt, then in Hamburg.

"My house in Frankfurt, in fact, was the house of a German officer. My mother was very friendly toward his wife, who would come once a month to check that we were looking after the house. So, it was very similar, except my mother didn’t have an affair with the German housekeeper."

In the film, Keira Knightley's character falls in love with the former owner of the house she and her husband, played by Jason Clarke, move into in Hamburg as he aids the post-war rebuilding process in the city.

Alexander Skarsgard plays the former owner.

Scott's fellow producer Arbuthnott insists he had no idea the Brit had lived in Hamburg after the war when he approached him about the movie, based on Rhidian Brook's novel.

"Ridley has an extraordinary memory for what the time was like," the filmmaker explains. "He showed me photos of him and his brother Tony with their dog standing by their bicycles outside their house in Hamburg. It was a striking piece of serendipity."

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