Taron Egerton’s singing skills helped Dexter Fletcher make Rocketman a musical

The new Elton John biopic will feature more than 20 of his tracks.

Taron Egerton’s vocal abilities helped director Dexter Fletcher realise his vision of making his Elton John biopic a musical.

Dexter, who helped turn another rock movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, into a blockbuster success after replacing fired director Bryan Singer late in production, charts Elton’s path to global success in his new movie Rocketman.

To capture the music legend’s outlandish life on screen, the filmmaker wanted the feature to feel more like musical theatre - so fans felt like they were on stage - and key to this was casting an actor with a great voice.

“We always set out to make a musical, and if you go and see a musical anywhere, the actor sings, people sing,” he told Collider. “If you go and see something on stage you would expect the actor to sing. People don’t come out and mime.”

Praising the Welsh star, he revealed Taron’s vocal talents meant he could quickly pivot from dramatic dialogue to performances of Elton’s iconic tracks, just like in a musical.

“What it allows me to do with someone like Taron, who has this incredible instrument, is that we can have a dramatic scene and segue seamlessly into a musical number, because then that song can come out of a dramatic emotional moment and he can just launch into the song,” he explained.

During the chat, Dexter also revealed that fans can expect to hear a vast array of Elton’s hits during the movie, as more than 20 feature, including a lengthy rendition of the title track.

Rocketman debuts in cinemas next month (May19).

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