Rebel Wilson keen to tackle more ‘diverse’ acting roles

The actress wants to garner “more power” in the work she does.

Rebel Wilson is setting her sights on taking on more “diverse” acting roles.

The actress found fame when she landed a small part in 2011 hit Bridesmaids and has since gone on to star in other light-hearted movies, like the Pitch Perfect franchise.

While Rebel has made a name for herself as a comedy star, she's now stated her desire to tackle parts that genuinely test her thespian skills.

“I’m going to get into more diverse acting roles because people haven’t seen the extent of my talent,” she said in an interview with U.S. InStyle magazine. “I love the roles I play, but, obviously, I can do a lot more. I feel the same with all my businesses too.”

Rebel has already made a start on appearing in different film genres, having landed the lead in romcom Isn’t It Romantic, and as Fraulein Rahm in Taika Waititi’s upcoming dark comedy-drama Jojo Rabbit. The Australian is about to begin promoting The Hustle, a remake of 1998’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and is in the post-production phase of the new Cats flick too.

Accordingly, Rebel indicated that she would like to have more control over her projects in the future.

“I’d like more power in the work that I do. With comedy, I’m very particular, and sometimes it physically pains me to see something altered without telling me,” the 39-year-old admitted, adding that her personality is much different to her onscreen persona. “People are shocked that in real life I’m quite sensible and kind of conservative. They find that strange because when they see me in the movies, I’m like a joke a minute. I actually don’t think I’m very funny in real life, but, of course, it’s a part of me. If I acted that way in public, I would be a lunatic.”

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