Scarlett Johansson: ‘Avengers fans will see Black Widow’s emotional side’

Scarlett Johansson knows “very little” about the upcoming Black Widow movie.

Scarlett Johansson is looking forward to fans getting to see a more emotional side to her Black Widow character in Avengers: Endgame.

The 34-year-old actress first appeared as Russian secret agent Natasha Romanoff in 2010’s Iron Man 2, whose time as Black Widow with the Avengers superhero team toughened her outlook on life.

However, she says the events of the preceding film Avengers: Infinity War, when half of all living things, including many of her friends and fellow heroes, were wiped out by the villainous Thanos’ all-powerful ‘snap’ may lead to us seeing more of the Black Widow’s softer side.

“I think the character is really vulnerable and is pretty raw and emotionally available, more than I thought she’d be, but I think that’s what happens post-snap,” she tells “You’re just pretty messed up. She’s letting herself feel all that stuff and it’s cool to be able to do that.

Although sworn to secrecy before the movie debuts on Thursday (25Apr19), she hinted that how the remaining characters, who include Robert Downey, Jr’s Iron Man, and Chris Evans’ Captain America, deal with the loss caused by the snap will be a big theme.

“I hope that the audience is able to have a cathartic experience through the characters’ experience,” she explains. “Because it was pretty messed up. That was bad.”

A solo Black Widow movie is also reportedly in the works, although Scarlett says she knows “very little” about the project.

However, she did add: “There’s plenty to mine from this character because she’s a very interesting character, with a very interesting story and point of view.”

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