Taron Egerton was 'in his element' playing Elton John in Rocketman

Director Dexter Fletcher used some of Taron Egerton's singing on the day instead of recordings because it was so good.

Taron Egerton was "in his element" every day during the production of Rocketman, according to his co-star Richard Madden.

The Kingsman: The Secret Service actor plays the Your Song hitmaker in a "musical fantasy" biopic opposite the former Game of Thrones star as his lover and manager John Reid.

Gushing about his co-star in GQ magazine, Richard said the production demanded a lot from Taron but he brought his A-game every day.

“He’s got the whole world on his shoulders in this film,” Richard said. “But every day he was in his element. He’s got that skill set where he can act, sing, dance, do all three and do them in platform boots. And he’s getting an opportunity to use every skill he possesses. He became immersed in Elton’s world.”

The 29-year-old Welsh actor was extremely modest about his vocal abilities in the profile piece, claiming he can "just about hold a tune", but his director Dexter Fletcher revealed that his vocals were in such good shape that they have used some of the singing he did on the day, rather than pre-recordings.

“When we shot Your Song, Taron sat at the piano and sang it there and then, unplanned, so I filmed it. And it’s the same with I’m Still Standing," Dexter said. "He sings in that moment and I use what we shot on the day because it’s so good.

“We wanted to approach this film as a musical first. Most biopics are not musicals as such... It’s rare they use the back catalogue as the storytelling device for the main character, as we do here. And that required an actor who could sing and dance, as Taron can."

Taron recently showed off his abilities by singing Tiny Dancer with Elton at his annual Oscars viewing party in February.

Rocketman, also starring Jamie Bell and Bryce Dallas Howard, hits cinemas from 17 May (19).

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