Elizabeth Banks always knew Kristen Stewart would be perfect for Charlie's Angels

The Hunger Games star had a blast working with her fellow actress.

Elizabeth Banks always knew she wanted to make the Charlie's Angels revamp around Kristen Stewart because she couldn't imagine another leading lady.

Ella Balisnka and Naomi Scott joined the Twilight star in the film, which was co-written and directed by Banks, but Kristen's role was non-negotiable, as far as The Hunger Games actress was concerned.

"I'm somebody who believes that 90 per cent of the job is casting," she said at a recent CinemaCon gala in Las Vegas. "I mean, I'm an actor so of course, I believe that laughs. But I really do believe that is key.

"I want to see Robert Downey Jr. play Tony Stark (in Iron Man); I don't want to see anyone else do it. I want to see Kristen Stewart be a Charlie's Angel and I didn't want to see (anyone else)."

Banks admits she had a blast making the film and feels sure she got the right three girls to play the titular crime-fighting Angels.

But the director insists Stewart carries the film: "I wanted her to surprise people and be on a journey. I wanted to give her other Angels that were not anything like her so that she could pull energy from and bounce off of and work off of. Because it's the dynamism in the scenes that makes her really fun (to work with)."

The new Charlie's Angels movie, which also features Banks, Sir Patrick Stewart, Noah Centineo, Sam Claflin, and Djimon Hounsou was recently pushed back to an early November (19) release. The first Charlie’s Angels movie, featuring Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, and Cameron Diaz, also opened on the first weekend of November back in 2000.

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