Hugh Jackman 'fascinated' by filmmaking process in Missing Link

Hugh Jackman would "go in and just play" during his recording sessions.

Hugh Jackman was "so fascinated" by the way his stop-motion animation Missing Link was filmed that he made a trip to the studio in Portland, Oregon.

In the family comedy, The Greatest Showman actor voices Sir Lionel Frost, a British myths and monsters investigator who goes on a mission to prove the existence of the legendary Bigfoot, Mr. Link, voiced by Zach Galifianakis.

The movie took years of painstaking work to make, and Hugh was so fascinated by the process that he made a trip to the Laika stop-motion animation studio in the suburbs of Portland to see the team in action.

"Everything is in camera. Everything is real puppetry, real stop-motion animation, I mean everything," he told BBC News. "If you watch the film through that lens you can feel the years, literally years, it takes to complete and the love and all the heart that goes into it.

"Once I knew about that company, I was in. I actually travelled up to Portland just to see what they were doing because I was so fascinated by it."

The Australian star prepared for the role by perfecting his English accent, which came naturally to him since his father is British and had "a little bit of poshness to him".

The 50-year-old spent three or four years recording dialogue for Missing Link on and off, and the sessions were all about playing around.

"I go in and just play," he explained. "You go in for years, I would say three or four years, and you just go in for three or four hours at a time and I just play with the director (Chris Butler) and we work on maybe three scenes at a time and you do it over and over again and we laugh and we ad-lib and they show me footage."

Missing Link, which also features the voices of Zoe Saldana and Emma Thompson, hits cinemas from early April (19).

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