Richard Curtis was outvoted over Hugh Grant casting in Four Weddings

Marisa Tomei was offered the role of Carrie but a death in her family forced her to turn the project down.

Hugh Grant wasn't writer Richard Curtis' first choice to lead the cast of Four Weddings & a Funeral.

The moviemaker initially voted against Grant for the role of Charles, but his production partners insisted the little-known Brit was the man for the movie.

Ahead of the film's Red Nose Day sequel in the U.K. producer Duncan Kenworthy tells Deadline, "It felt like we auditioned every young man between 18 and 32 in England. Initially, we weren’t convinced by anyone.

"Alex Jennings was in the running in 1992. In 1993, Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman were in the running. So (director) Mike (Newell), Richard and I had a vote. It was two to one in Hugh’s favour."

"I had voted against Hugh initially," Curtis adds. "I had been concerned that he was too good looking and I was aware of the character being viewed as too posh. I had loved Alan Rickman in Close My Eyes but he didn’t want to audition. Hugh did a perfect audition and thank God we went for him."

The production team also struggled to settle on a leading lady, revealing Marisa Tomei was offered the role of Carrie but had to turn it down due to death in her family.

"We met 16 actresses when we went to L.A. Jennifer Jason Leigh and Mary Stuart Masterson were among those who auditioned...," Kenworthy adds. "So we came back to London and had no one. When we heard that Andie (MacDowell) was able to meet, we found her very impressive."

Curtis, the producers and Newell added the likes of Simon Callow, John Hannah, Kristin Scott Thomas, and the late Charlotte Coleman, among others and the film was released in 1994, becoming an instant hit and turning Grant into a huge star.

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