Natalie Portman to host online MasterClass for wannabe actors

The Black Swan star will help students perfect dialect for roles and advise them how to work with directors to get the best out of roles.

Oscar winner Natalie Portman has signed up to advise wannabe actors on honing their craft as part of a new online masterclass.

The Black Swan star will share her unique approach to acting as part of the $90 (£68) class.

"Acting is a joyful experience. It's the act of empathy and play," the actress said. "You should be free to be creative, try new things and make mistakes. That is how I learned.

"In this class, I'm excited to share what I've pieced together over 25 years as an actress - things that have worked for me, things that I've seen work well for others, and things I figured out myself."

In her MasterClass, Portman will "share her many approaches to acting for the screen" and "teach students how building a character map" - a technique she finds useful as she's understanding a character's journey.

The star will also show students how to work with the director and camera to "create stronger performances", and she'll also help aspiring actors perfect the "fine line between taking direction while bringing your own ideas to the table".

During the classes, Natalie will use her own case studies from Black Swan and Jackie, explaining how she researches characters for both historical and fictional roles, how she builds the physicality and the consciousness of the character and how she defines the "voice and nuances of dialect for different roles", while demonstrating training exercises with her dialect coach.

"Natalie is thrilling," said David Rogier, co-founder and CEO of MasterClass. "She approaches each role with a ferociousness and artistry that simply make her one of the best actresses of her generation - and she's done it without formal training. Her class dives into the craft in ways no other class has done - teaching you how to create the career you want and to understand everything from character mapping, to dialect, to responding to your sets to green screen acting. The class will blow you away."

Portman joins the likes of Christina Aguilera, Samuel L. Jackson, Dustin Hoffman, and Steve Martin, who have also fronted online MasterClasses as part of the 14-year-old programme.

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