Julianne Moore uncomfortable filming nude sex scenes in Gloria Bell

John Turturro also helped his co-star conquer her fear of dancing while shooting the film.

Julianne Moore had to step out of her comfort zone to strip down for sex scenes in new film Gloria Bell.

The veteran Oscar-winning actress stripped down to perform naked in a handful of scenes for the new drama, about a middle-aged woman who cuts loose on the Los Angeles club scene and finds love, but disrobing to her birthday suit has never been easy for the star.

"Somebody asked me, 'How do you become comfortable?' And I'm like, 'You don't. Nobody's comfortable,'" the 58-year-old beauty, who first revealed all onscreen in 1993 film Body of Evidence, tells USA Today. "(But) we were very sparing and very specific about it, just because we wanted to lend it a level of reality.

"If suddenly somebody's sitting there all covered up at home, you're sending a signal to my brain that this isn't true and you're taking (viewers) out of the story."

Julianne was challenged even more by her character's love of dancing to disco hits by the likes of Anita Ward and Earth, Wind & Fire.

"It's terrifying, because I'm not a natural dancer," she explains. "It's way easier than I thought it was going to be (though)."

Julianne's co-star, John Turturro, who is an expert salsa dancer, came to the rescue when she felt like she had two left feet.

"She was nervous, so I tried to work with her, which was also part of the (characters') relationship a little bit," he shares. "But someone like Julianne can allow herself to be open and vulnerable, and that's fun."

Gloria Bell will hit U.S. cinemas on Friday (08Mar19).

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