Woody Harrelson was too nervous to sleep before Lost In London shoot

The actor called the project "so exciting,' but reflected that so many things went wrong.

Woody Harrelson has opened up about his experiences shooting his 2017 experimental, live-broadcast project Lost In London.

The 57-year-old, who wrote, directed and acted in the feature, described the project as "so exciting," but revealed that not everything went according to plan.

“Oh my God, so many things went wrong!” he told British newspaper Metro. “The night before, we shot the run-through and the live feed fell out twice. The sound could never come together because there were so many problems with it. I was freaking out. When we shot it I was very, very, very exhausted because I couldn’t sleep at night thinking of all the million and one things that were not working or that couldn’t go right. But it was so exciting.”

Despite the problems encountered, the Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri star was full of praise for the film, calling it the “merging of theatre and film".

"The idea was so exciting to me because I love theatre," he enthused. "It’s really a theatre piece but, you know, filmed live. You’ve heard about these plays where they meet on a corner and they pick you up and then they drive you to an apartment? That just blows my mind! So to be able to have that same thing and be filming? That was the big idea."

Harrelson went on to recall doubts from fellow cast members, with co-star Owen Wilson stating the project "wasn't doable".

It was his insistence that the risk was "the coolest part," however, that spurred the first-time director to continue with his endeavour.

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