Jennifer Garner on 4% challenge: 'I've been working with women directors for years'

Chris Pratt also recently accepted the challenge.

Jennifer Garner has thrown her weight behind the 4% challenge, which sees Hollywood stars pledge to work with female directors.

Actors and actresses are being challenged to work with more women filmmakers over the next 18 months to increase the number of women and women of colour behind the camera - an initiative launched by Time's Up and the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative at the Sundance Film Festival.

Explaining how she has long been a champion of the idea, even before it became a talking point, Jennifer told Time's Up chief executive Lisa Borders at the 2019 Makers Conference on Thursday (07Feb19) she's totally on board with the idea.

"To me, I've done two films with women, and a TV show driven by women and directed mostly by women, so I feel like oh is it a challenge?" she said. "Oh yeah, no I'm down, I've got that. I didn't know that we had to announce it. I announce that I will take the 4% challenge.

"And you know what, those sets are different. They are different... Whoever is leading the charge it's reflected in the crew, it's reflected in the way the ship is run and just the difference kinds of conversations you have on set."

Earlier this week, Chris Pratt also said he was happily taking on the challenge. During a joint interview with his The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part co-star Elizabeth Banks, who is an accomplished director as well as actress, Chris blindly signed on to star in her next project without knowing any details.

"I'm here and ready for it. I'm in the 4% and I would love for people to get involved," Elizabeth said to Press Association. "I've got movie roles ready to go, Chris is committing to my next film."

Chris chimed in: "I am, yep. Nope, I don't even know what it is but I told her I'm in. That's my agent on the phone but I'm not even going to answer it, let's do it, because it's in."

They then shook on it before Chris joke whispered: "What's the movie?"

Brie Larson, Tessa Thompson, Amy Schumer, Bryce Dallas Howard and Kyra Sedgwick have also pledged their support, along with executives from Universal Pictures, MGM Studios, Paramount Pictures and Disney.

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