Spike Lee turned down Bradley Cooper for film role

The BlacKkKlansman director insists Bradley wouldn't have to audition for him today.

Spike Lee had an awkward encounter with Bradley Cooper at the Oscars Nominee Luncheon in Beverly Hills on Monday (04Feb19) after the actor-turned-filmmaker recalled a failed audition.

Bradley reminded the BlacKkKlansman director of a previous meeting, when he was up for a role in one of the moviemaker's films, during a filmmakers' panel chat at the Directors Guild Theater in Los Angeles over the weekend, and on Monday the two stars met up to discuss the try out.

"He says it happened and I believe him but he doesn't know what film it was," Lee said. "He wasn't Bradley Cooper then, but you know what? It worked out for him. He's doing alright. My brother Bradley Cooper, he'll be alright."

Spike revealed the audition took place "about 10 years ago" and insisted that Bradley wouldn't have to try out for him these days.

"He ain't auditioning no more, nor should he," the director laughed. "You have to offer him the script and the role.

"He and I are cool and I would love to work with him one day."

During the event at the Directors Guild Theater in Los Angeles, Cooper said, "You get a chance to read for Spike Lee, I mean you’re never going to forget that.

"He was so kind. I still remember, you sat down for a minute, you said, 'Hello, how are you?' You asked me about Philly. And then I did the thing (audition). You said, 'Thank you'. You got me out quick!"

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