Matthew McConaughey dreams of playing Evel Knievel onscreen

The actor has no plans to attempt the daredevil's crazy stunts himself if the project ever comes to fruition.

Matthew McConaughey is desperate to star in a biopic about famed motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel.

The late stunt performer, real name Robert Craig Knievel, Jr., was well known for his epic jumps during the height of his headline-grabbing career in the 1970s, and the Dallas Buyers Club star wants to take Knievel's life story to the big screen.

McConaughey's movie dreams have been on ice for several years, because he has yet to come across the right screenplay to do the biopic justice.

"This man's life, I've been circling, trying to find the right way and the right script to do him justice for a while and I haven't found it yet, but maybe we'll get it right one day," he explains.

If his passion project ever comes to fruition, McConaughey will be ready to rev his engine - but he doesn't plan to actually attempt any of the adrenaline-rushing car, truck, or bus jumps Knievel attempted, breaking bones and experiencing other injuries in the process.

Asked if he would personally be tackling the action scenes onscreen during a recent appearance on U.S. daytime show Strahan and Sara, he joked, "Sure, it'll be all me! Those 15, 18 wheelers (trucks), that's me jumping that!"

Knievel retired from stunt performing in the late 1970s and died in 2007, aged 69. He had been suffering from diabetes and chronic lung disease, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, for years.

McConaughey won't be the first actor to portray Knievel on film - George Hamilton played the title role in 1971 movie, Evel Knievel, while former CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star George Eads took on the part for another biopic in 2004.

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