Matthew McConaughey shared crush on Diane Lane before filming Serenity together

The actress reveals she tried to block out the sweet compliment out of embarrassment.

Matthew McConaughey had to come clean about his longtime crush on Diane Lane before they filmed scenes as lovers in new movie Serenity.

The Dallas Buyers Club star, 49, admits he has harboured a soft spot in his heart for the actress ever since setting sight on her character in 1989 TV mini-series Lonesome Dove, so he couldn't hide his joy at working alongside Lane in the new thriller.

"I had to admit something that was probably true for a lot of people, that was (she was) my first crush," Matthew shared on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America on Thursday (24Jan19). "Remember Lorie Darlin' in Lonesome Dove?

"And she looks the same today as she did then, so when I first met her, we were gonna have our first scene together, I said, 'I've gotta level with you - you're my first crush and I've had a crush on you since Lorie Darlin' in Lonesome Dove.'"

Matthew's sweet confession while filming in Mauritius back in 2017 apparently didn't leave much of an impression on Diane, as she soon forgot about his crush - but the Oscar winner is convinced it's all a ploy.

"I had to remind her of that again," he smiled. "Someone asked her that last night (at the New York premiere), and she goes, 'I don't remember that,' and I go, 'Oh, you just wanna hear me tell you that again!'"

However, Diane insists that isn't the case, as she was simply embarrassed.

"I think I blocked it out," the 54-year-old beauty told Entertainment Tonight about Matthew's crush confession. "I don't think he lied (about telling me) - I think he did say that to me, day one - and I just had whiteout."

"I couldn't cope," she explained. "I said..., 'Thank you for the compliment. I'm dying, and... love you, too babe.'"

Serenity, which also stars Anne Hathaway and Jason Clarke, opens in theatres this week (25Jan19).

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