James McAvoy: ‘It: Chapter Two is disturbing’

James McAvoy has joined the horror franchise for the second instalment.

James McAvoy was way more scared of Stephen King's horror novel It as an adult than he was as a child.

The Scottish actor joins the cast for the follow up to 2017’s cinema retelling of the clown story, It: Chapter Two, alongside Bill Skarsgard as clown Pennywise and fellow newcomers Jessica Chastain and Bill Hader.

The movie doesn’t hit cinemas until September (19), but filming left a lasting impact on James.

“The shoot experience was great, great people. Amazing director, amazing cast – the cast were incredible,” he shared with Collider. “There were days on that set when I’m just, ‘this is really disturbing’. You just kind of look at the other actors like this is great gig and I’m really proud to be here with you all but this is really messed up. In a good way.

“I rarely get terrified by anything but reading that book again, as an adult, I read it as a kid and it didn’t really mess with me as a kid, but as an adult it gave me nightmares.”

Director Andy Muschietti is back at the helm for the second horror instalment, with young stars Finn Wolfhard, Jaeden Lieberher and Sophia Lillis also returning.

And Bill will once again be scaring audiences as the menacing clown.

“What Bill does is just incredible,” James marvelled. “The commitment – it’s not just scary make-up and a funny voice, the commitment and effort he puts into it is remarkable.”

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