Aaron Sorkin contemplating The Social Network sequel

Producer Scott Rudin is also keen to make a follow-up.

Writer-turned-filmmaker Aaron Sorkin is seriously contemplating revisiting his 2010 movie The Social Network for a sequel.

The West Wing creator won an Oscar for adapting the story of Facebook's beginnings for the big screen, with the movie starring Jesse Eisenberg as tech genius Mark Zuckerberg, and chronicling the various lawsuits he faced from platform co-founder Eduardo Saverin, played by Andrew Garfield, and the Winklevoss twins, portrayed by Armie Hammer, during the company's early years.

In the time since the project's success, there have been multiple controversies involving the social media giant, with one of the biggest headlines emerging last year (18), when it was discovered that a major security breach had allowed bosses at political data firm Cambridge Analytica to allegedly harvest millions of users' profiles to help influence voters via social media.

Sorkin admits producer Scott Rudin has been actively encouraging him to write a follow-up to The Social Network, and he has some ideas about what a sequel could entail.

"First of all, I know a lot more about Facebook in 2005 than I do in 2018 - but I know enough to know that there should be a sequel," he told The Associated Press.

"A lot of very interesting dramatic stuff has happened since the movie ends...," he continued. "And Scott, who produced The Social Network, I've gotten more than one email from him with an article attached saying, 'Isn't it time for a sequel?'"

Sorkin does not actually reveal whether or not he will be writing The Social Network 2, but if he decides to take on the project, he will be hoping to replicate the success of the original.

The movie, directed by David Fincher and co-starring Justin Timberlake, earned $224.9 million (£174.9 million) at the global box office from a $40 million (£31.3 million) budget. It also picked up eight Oscar nominations, and winning three, including Best Original Score for Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, and Best Film Editing.

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