Yann Demange: ‘Matthew McConaughey is director's dream’

Yann Demange was surprised by how easy Matthew McConaughey was to work with.

White Boy Rick director Yann Demange has insisted Matthew McConaughey is not a “precious” actor.

Yann, who made waves with his first film ‘71, cast Matthew as Rick Wershe Sr. in his new feature, which tells the true story of Rick Wershe Jr., the youngest ever FBI informant, and how he wound up serving a life sentence as a teenager.

Talking about working with Oscar winner Matthew, the filmmaker only has good things to say about the Dallas Buyers Club star.

“What surprised me, I’ve not worked with a star before and I was like, ‘How’s it going to be? Is he going to listen and be open?’ And he did, he’d be up for trying anything, as long as you collaborate with him and you try everything he wants to do, he’ll try everything you want to do too,” Yann smiled to Cover Media.

“You just got to put the time in. And he’s there to jazz, he’s there to riff, he’s there to try. He’s not precious, he doesn’t think he knows all the answers. He likes to be directed, but he has ideas as well, he has strong ideas, and you’ve got to try them out. And he surprised me many times. I thought a scene should be played more serious, and he’d play it lighter and funnier. And I was like, ‘Oh actually you’re right, there’s more poignancy in that.’”

English actress Bel Powley, Atlanta star Brian Tyree Henry and Hollywood heavyweights Bruce Dern and Jennifer Jason Leigh also star.

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