Vice writer/director was shocked by Lynne Cheney tragedies

Amy Adams' portrayal was inspired by her grandmother.

Vice writer and director Adam McKay was left stunned as he researched Lynne Cheney, the wife of former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, for the film, because she had been touched by so much death growing up.

The filmmaker wanted to portray Dick and his wife in an honest way and couldn't believe how much tragedy Lynn had witnessed in her life.

The film covers the drowning death of her mother, but McKay reveals there was one awful family tragedy that he didn't even mention in the script.

In a recent SAG Conversations interview, Adam explained, "She had an aunt who was losing her house; a banker had ripped her off. She walked around this 10-acre orchard to say goodbye to it. She took out a red blanket and unfurled it to sit on. They had a bull they had raised as a calf that gored her aunt.

"There was no hospital within 200 miles and she had to be taken on a train there."

McKay knew he'd found the perfect person to play Lynn Cheney in Amy Adams, adding, "Amy really brought that kind of this tough Americana middle-of-the-country edge to the role."

Adams, for her part, read Lynn's autobiography and realised she was basically playing her own grandmother: "She became very personal to me. I think having a personal relationship with a character, who on the surface is hard and maybe hard to get to know, helped.

"It was that pioneering spirit that was recognisable to me. My grandmother is from Utah, she was a farm girl and would go to rodeos. The environments they were raised in sounded very similar. On the inside, I understood her motivations and her love of country and family."

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