Michael B. Jordan would love to brawl with heavyweight champion in Creed 3

The boxer is preparing for a big heavyweight rematch with Tyson Fury

Heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder's height might cost him a dream role as Clubber Lang's son in the next Creed movie.

The fighter has made it clear he'd love a part in the next film and has his sights set on playing the kid of Mr. T's character from Rocky III.

Deontay, who is planning a 2019 rematch with Brit Tyson Fury following their face-off at the beginning of the month (Dec18), has his sights set on Hollywood: "That's what I'm all about, my passion is acting!" Deontay told TMZ. "After boxing, in the middle of my career, that's what I wanna convert to. I wanna act like I'm getting hit, not actually get hit."

And Creed star Michael B. Jordan loves the idea of getting in the ring with a real boxing champ in the next film, but he thinks Wilder should play himself.

"It's a cool idea (having him in the movie), but I'm not sure where we're going with Creed 3," the actor tells the outlet. "He's (Deontay) a good character as himself.

"He's a lot bigger than Clubber though, he's a lot taller."

At 6ft 7ins, Wilder is almost a foot taller than Mr. T's Clubber Lang.

Jordan portrays the son of Apollo Creed - the fighter who took on Sylvester Stallone's character in the first Rocky movie - in the new boxing film franchise and Florian Munteanu plays Viktor Drago in the latest Creed film. Drago is the son of Dolph Lundgren's character, Ivan Drago, from Rocky IV.

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