Jonah Hill freaked out when Morrissey acknowledged his new film

Jonah Hill wrote, directed and produced Mid90s.

Jonah Hill wrote personal letters to music stars like Morrissey to secure the songs he wanted for his new film Mid90s.

Jonah is making his big screen directing debut with the feature, which he also wrote and produced. For the flick, set in ‘90s LA, Jonah drew on a some of his own childhood experiences, and also used his music knowledge when it came to curating the soundtrack.

“I was the music supervisor, which was the coolest part of the entire experience,” he smiled to “I write to music, so every scene had been written to a specific song. And we got every song, with pretty much no music budget.

“I wrote these really personal letters to people. I went to Morrissey first. I figured if you get the Moz, everyone else falls in line. He, graciously, by the grace of god, wrote me back. He said, ‘Good luck, I can’t wait to see Mid90s.’ I was freaking out. I was like emailing (producers) Scott Rudin and Eli Bush and saying: ‘Morrissey knows what Mid90s is! He said the word Mid90s.’ I think I almost passed out.”

Mid90s features a cast of young talent, with 13-year-old Sunny Suljic taking on the lead role, joined by Na-kel Smith and Olan Prenatt.

Talking about working with such a young cast, 34-year-old Jonah said he could see parallels to his own beginnings in Hollywood.

“I mean I’m a very emotional person, an emotional filmmaker—and of course if I look back on when I was in Superbad and it was me and Michael Cera and Emma Stone sitting around the table at lunch and joking while the grown-ups were working,” he shared. “Cut to 10 years later, I’m the grown-up, and there is Sunny and Na-kel and Olan and they’re the kids turning into young performers. I’m way too much of a sap and an emotional person not to connect that parallel. And it was beautiful. It is beautiful.”

Mid90s is out now and also stars Katherine Waterston and Lucas Hedges.

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