Sienna Miller outlines directing ambitions

Sienna Miller is pleased more female-driven content is being made in the wake of the Time's Up movement.

Sienna Miller is hoping to step behind the camera and direct one day.

Numerous big-name stars juggle directing work alongside acting, such as Angelina Jolie, Clint Eastwood and Ben Affleck, and it looks like Sienna could soon make that list after she shared her filmmaking ambitions during an interview with Variety.

"One day, I would (like to direct)," she stated, adding: "I don't think I'm there yet. It's such an enormous commitment.

"I think I'm going to start producing. I'm basically optioning books at the moment. I have set up a company and I'm reading things, and it feels like now is the time. I think I have a really strong understanding of the sensibility that I like, how to get a film made and what stories I want to tell."

Since her breakout role in 2004's Layer Cake, the 36-year-old has become known for her roles in indie movies, and her latest film, American Woman, is no different.

Starring alongside Aaron Paul and Christina Hendricks in the drama, about a woman who raises her young grandson after her daughter goes missing, Sienna shared that she had an "intuitive understanding" of the part as soon as she read the script.

And in the wake of the Time's Up movement, which rallies against sexual harassment in the workplace, the English star is certain that roles for actresses in independent films are getting better.

"I think as the cultural shift in terms of gender equality, I think the content is incredibly female-driven, which is something I never really experienced before," she said. "I think, psychologically, to a lot of people, it's given them confidence that they never had before. I certainly feel that in myself. I'm sure I can credit that to this movement. I think that people are very conscious of just casting somebody as the wife."

American Woman premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday (09Sep18).

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