Maggie Gyllenhaal is fine with naked acting

The actress is famous for her saucy scenes in Secretary and Sherrybaby, and TV show The Deuce.

Maggie Gyllenhaal sees sex scenes as a way to express emotion.

The actress has had her fair share of steamy moments in films like Secretary and Sherrybaby, and TV show The Deuce, but getting intimate on camera never fazes Maggie.

"Here's the trick: You have to look at a sex scene as an opportunity to express things that can be expressed best when people are making love. Or f**king. Or whatever," she told W magazine. "But, in fact, I'm a sex worker in The Deuce, so I have to pretend to f**k someone I've just met. And then another guy. And another. So what's expressed in those scenes is somebody who's doing a transaction. Then it's fine to act naked, because all these other things are going on in your mind."

The Deuce stars James Franco as twins Vincent and Frankie Martino and follows them as they navigate the sex business in 1970s New York after meeting a mobster. Accordingly, Maggie did her homework and watched porn films from the decade to get a better understanding of what she was doing.

She especially focused on the work of late Italian director Lasse Braun.

"He was a very playful Italian porn director," she smiled. "But I haven't seen Deep Throat. I did read the autobiography of Tina Russell, a pretty famous porn star in the early '70s, when the mood was, 'We are all fucking and free and we love it'. I do believe in showing that kind of sexual freedom. On the other hand, she wrote that book when she was in her early 20s and was dead less than a decade later of alcoholism. So, for The Deuce, I'm into that combination of things: They're both true."

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