Jon Turteltaub: 'Ruby Rose is a tattooed sweetheart'

The filmmaker had a blast working with the Orange is the New Black star.

The Meg director Jon Turteltaub was pleasantly surprised with actress/DJ Ruby Rose when she showed up to shoot, because the Australian was nothing like he'd imagined.

The filmmaker feared the tattooed Orange is the New Black star would be trouble, but quickly learned you should never judge a book by its cover.

"Ruby is not what I thought she was like," Jon tells WENN. "When your first impression is someone covered in tats in a female prison (Orange Is The New Black), you have a certain impression. Then I find out she's gentle and patient and really kind and really sweet - but not at times, as we say of some famous people, all the time."

And Rose had a blast working with the man behind the hits National Treasure and Phenomenon on the latest shark disaster movie.

"It was a blast," she says, revealing the shoots really tested her swimming ability.

"I'm a fairly strongish swimmer but it does make a difference when you have clothes on and the wetsuit underneath it and shoes that filled with water... Every time I took my shoes off there was water in there and I realised that's why it was so hard.

"For me, the diving training was the most tricky, because I have a mild fear of heights and when we got to the highest one (dive), that was terrifying... Also, the New Zealand weather was so unpredictable, we could go out in the boats and have terrible weather and not be able to shoot the scene.

"On one of the days that we insisted on going out on the ocean, there was this family of dolphins that just would not go away. They were doing this amazing display of jumping out of the water and being so beautiful. I'm like, 'Isn't this amazing?', and Jon was like, 'No! There aren't supposed to be dolphins in the shot, because then we wouldn't have the megalodon (shark)!' Good point!"

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