Andrea Riseborough created film production company to support women

The actress was tired of seeing women portrayed as chaste and pure innocents or sex objects in films.

Oblivion star Andrea Riseborough is hoping to shake up Hollywood with her female-run production company.

The British actress, who has also appeared in Battle of the Sexes and Birdman, launched Mother Sucker after growing tired of the roles she was being offered.

Andrea tells Rogue magazine, "There’s a very narrow version of women in film, who are either chaste, pure and irrepressibly good, or are hyper sexualized. (They're) just very boring stereotypes of women."

And rather than sit back and wait for a good role to come along, Riseborough became pro-active and decided to start her own production company.

"I was motivated by there not being any female producers or female storytellers, but also because I wanted to create work and set up an environment in which I can help them do that and support other women who work on what they want to see," the new movie mogul explains.

A fierce feminist, the actress was among the stars who offered up their support to Hollywood's Time's Up and #MeToo movements - and to the victims of harassment and abuse in Tinseltown - by wearing black to the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards in February (18).

She also supported the actions of a fellow feminist who defaced a poster for her 2017 film The Death of Stalin as part of a protest against the lack of equality in Hollywood.

"I saw a poster the other day of this (film), and above it (the actors' faces) a woman had written 'man, man, man, man, f**k the patriarchy'," she told WENN. "I can't say I support the way it's been marketed but I'm really, really proud of the film and I'm so proud of my performance in it and I hope that people think it's hysterical because it is."

In the film, Andrea played Svetlana, the daughter of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin - one of the few female characters.

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