7 Din Mohabbat In

A coming of age romantic comedy of a zero Tipu, so desperate to become a hero that he makes a secret pact, to gain manly powers over all womankind only to realize that a true hero is a man who has the courage to allow himself to fall in love. Tipu is a naive, under confident young man who works as a jeweler, his life mainly dominated by a wheelchair bound tyrant of a mother and an orphan cousin Neeli who holds a torch for Tipu but is engaged to a nefarious local gangster Naseer Kankatta. Tipu's only friend and partner-in-mundane crimes Tingu Master, is just as suave as Tipu is awkward; he is a Casanova midget who always has a piece of advice for Tipu's sorrows. Tipu is sure he will stay single forever, until one evening, life takes a turn, and he makes a secret pact to find a woman before 7 Days are up and get her to declare her love for him What price does he have to pay for this? What risk does he take? Does he find the right woman? These answers form the rest of the story




UK Release Date: 
Fri, 06/15/2018
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Running Time: 
138 Mins

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