Jeremy Renner teased Tag co-star relentlessly on-set

Renner performed Tag stunt twice before realising his arms were broken

Actress Leslie Bibb wanted to "murder" her Tag co-star Jeremy Renner after he pranked her with a "trachea punch" as their characters were about to tie the knot.

The stars play lovers in the new action comedy, based on a true story about a group of highly-competitive old friends who dedicate one month a year to play a no-holds-barred game of tag.

Renner takes on the role of Jerry, the only member of the gang never to have been tagged, who announces he will be retiring from the game after his wedding.

Filming the romantic scene took more than a couple of takes, because Jeremy couldn't resist teasing his longtime pal Leslie, who he treats like a sibling.

"I love this gal like a sister you wanna... love and kinda elbow sometimes," he shared of their decade-long friendship, which began after Leslie began dating Jeremy's pal Sam Rockwell in 2007.

However, his playful nature would throw off Leslie's concentration as director Jeff Tomsic called, "Action!".

"I'm in a wedding dress, I'm sweating from everything, and... and we're about to say our vows and he (Renner) loves to go like, 'Trachea punch!', and I'm like, (shocked), and (seething), 'I'm gonna murder you at this wedding! What are you doing?'" she recalled in a joint interview on breakfast show Good Morning America. "So that's what he's like, he picks on me constantly."

Despite their love/hate relationship, Leslie has nothing but respect for Jeremy's work ethic after he broke both of his arms in a stunt-gone-wrong - and went straight back to filming.

"That (kind of injury) would shut down a lot of movies," she remarked. "Everyone was like, 'Well, I'm out of a job!' (when the accident happened), (but) this little nugget came back to work."

Joking about the double injury, Renner said, "It took a comedy after all these action movies to break my arms, and it's on the second day of shooting as well, which was quite unfortunate...!"

Luckily, Tomsic was able to make use of green screen technology in the editing process to complete the shoot on time, and the quirky movie, which also stars Ed Helms, Jon Hamm, and Isla Fisher, hits theatres on Friday (15Jun18).

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