Nicolas Cage vows never to retire from acting

Nicolas Cage is currently in post-production on The Retirement Plan and The Old Way.

Nicolas Cage is adamant he will never retire from acting.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly to promote his new movie Prisoners of the Ghostland, the Face/Off actor revealed he plans to take some time off of work after he wraps on his next two projects.

However, Nicolas insisted he has no desire to ever quit Hollywood for good.

“No, no, no. No, no. That can’t happen. To do what I do in cinema has been like a guardian angel for me, and I need it. I’m healthier when I’m working, I need a positive place to express my life experience, and filmmaking has given me that. So, I’m never going to retire. Where are we now, 117 movies?” he laughed.

Nicolas went on to note that he has plenty more movies in him, and is inspired by the careers of some of the Hollywood greats.

“What’s funny is, my argument with people who go, ‘You work too much,’ was ‘I like working, and it’s healthy, I’m happy when I’m working, and by the way, guys like (James) Cagney and (Humphrey) Bogart, they were doing hundreds of movies.’ And then I went, ‘I’d better check that,’ and I went, ‘Oops,'” the 57-year-old recalled. “(Comedian) Jerry Lewis was one of my friends, and he and I would go and have dinner together, and he would say, ‘How many movies you got?’ I go, ‘I got about 100, how many you got?’ ‘I got 40. So, you got twice as much as me?’ ‘Well, I didn’t know that, Jerry.'”

Nicolas is currently in post-production on The Retirement Plan and The Old Way, and is set to begin work on Butcher’s Crossing.

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