Nicholas Hoult tried eating real insects for Renfield

The British actor plays R. M. Renfield, the long-suffering servant of Dracula, in the upcoming horror-comedy.

Nicholas Hoult ate real bugs for his role in the new film Renfield.

In the upcoming horror-comedy, the British actor plays R. M. Renfield, the long-suffering servant of Dracula (Nicolas Cage).

During an interview for Access Hollywood, Hoult revealed that he tried an array of different creepy crawlies while shooting the movie.

“I did eat a fair amount of bugs. Crickets, potato bugs, the crickets were flavoured quite nicely actually. They were packaged and flavoured and dried,” he shared. “But the potato bugs didn’t taste good. The props department were amazing though, they did make me some caramel cockroaches which were delicious. A little bit sticky in the teeth but much better than eating cockroaches, I imagine.”

In response, Cage admitted that he didn’t know how his co-star stomached the insects.

“No muscle in my body tells me to eat a potato bug. You are brave. That is intense,” the 59-year-old smiled.

Elsewhere in the chat, Hoult shared his excitement over reuniting with Cage after they first appeared together in 2005’s The Weather Man.

“I was just completely in awe,” he recalled, while the Hollywood veteran added: “I was amazed at the poise that Nick had at 14 on camera. He was so confident. And I had no doubt then the star he would subsequently become. So, when I heard he was doing this, I thought, ‘I gotta get back in the ring with him, I want to work with him again.’ I was thrilled to see him… he’s my kind of actor.”

Renfield is set to be released in cinemas on 14 April.

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