Tony Hale was convinced he would be scrapped from Toy Story 4

The Veep star voices Forky in the final instalment of the Disney/Pixar saga.

Tony Hale was relieved to see he wasn't scrapped from Toy Story 4.

The Veep star voices Forky in the Pixar movie, and said he was so overwhelmed when he got the chance to star alongside Toy Story legends Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, he convinced himself he wouldn't appear in the final cut.

"When you’re first doing it, you’re so thankful for the gig and it’s so fun. Then to hear your voice, it’s still kind of not real. I saw a screening of it two months ago and I was like, 'Maybe they’re not taking me out of this. Maybe they were serious they wanted me,'" Hale joked to Variety.

And the 48-year-old admitted he wept when he saw the final version of the film, which was directed by Josh Cooley and also stars fellow newcomers Keanu Reeves and Christina Hendricks as toys Duke Caboom and Gabby Gabby, respectively.

"When I saw the whole thing put together with music and everything, the movie is just eye-candy. It’s funny and then you find yourself in a corner crying because it’s just beautiful," Hale gushed.

The Arrested Development star also opened up about why he accepted the role of the anxious and neurotic Forky, and confessed he felt he had something in common with the spork.

"I very much resonated with Forky because he’s so overwhelmed by everything. I feel like I’m just as overwhelmed being part of this film franchise. He comes in and is like, 'Why am I here?' And I’m asking the same questions. How did I get here? Him and I are one in the same," he laughed.

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