Spy trailer: Melissa McCarthy stars as a hilarious office worker-turned-secret agent in Spy

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 - 10:00
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Mild-mannered desk jockey Susan Cooper's dreams of being a top spy, get her thrust into the line of fire

This isn't your average James Bond/Jason Bourne all-action flick, as the CIA's top analyst Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) dreams of fighting criminals and terrorists with guns and martial arts, rather than at a desk with a computer.

So when a nuke-wielding Russian, who knows every CIA agent, (including Jude Law and Jason Statham) Susan jumps at the chance to fight henchmen, shoot people and solve global terror plots.

Thing is though, she's no more equipped to be a top spy as you or |, so the learning curve is a steep on, with hilarious result.

Will this another side-splitting performance from Melissa McCarthy? She hasn't let us down so far...

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