Mark Wahlberg hopes Mile 22 will define his career

Actor Mark Wahlberg plays an elite American intelligence agent in the upcoming action flick.

Mark Wahlberg is hopeful that Mile 22 will be the film that defines his acting career.

Directed by Peter Berg from a script by Lea Carpenter and Graham Roland, the flick follows the actor’s character James Silva, an elite American intelligence agent, who tries to secretly move a police officer with sensitive information out of a foreign country.

While Wahlberg has headlined a string of action movies, including 2007’s Shooter, he is adamant that Mile 22 will have a lasting impact.

“I’ve been able to make a lot of different movies in a lot of different genres, but I still don’t feel like I have the movie role that defines me,” he said, according to Total Film magazine. “I’m really hoping Silva is the thing. I’m hoping that the first thing you think of when you think of Mark Wahlberg is Mile 22.”

Mile 22 sees Wahlberg team with his regular collaborated Berg, with the pair previously working together on war film Lone Survivor, disaster drama Deepwater Horizon and Boston Marathon bombing movie Patriots Day.

But with their latest project, the director was determined to show a more vulnerable side to Wahlberg’s protagonist.

“The pressure and stresses create almost a bipolar, manic type of character, and that was something that Mark and I talked about – having Silva somewhat tormented by the nature of the work that he has to do every day,” the filmmaker shared.

Recently, it was reported by The Hollywood Reporter that bosses at STX Entertainment were already looking to make a sequel for Mile 22 and have enlisted a writer. While Berg didn’t comment on the likelihood of a follow-up, he stated that he wants to keep working with Wahlberg on movies.

“People have asked me, well, ‘Why do you guys keep working together?’ I’m like, ‘Why wouldn’t we?’” he smiled.

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