Jessica Alba tops worst reviewed movies list

Mike Epps, Jessica Biel, and the late Robin Williams are also among the kings and queens of the box office stinkers.

Jessica Alba and Mike Epps have topped a new list of the worst reviewed movies.

The pair has appeared in more movie stinkers in the past 20 years than anyone else in Hollywood, according to a new GoCompare website report.

Alba's films have routinely been hammered by the critics, giving her the edge over Epps, and she comes in just ahead of Jessica Biel among all actresses, with only one positively reviewed film from the 35 she has made in the past two decades - 2005's Sin City.

Ironically, both actresses starred in the ensemble film Valentine's Day, which was savaged by critics.

Boogie Nights and The Hangover star Heather Graham comes in third and Radha Mitchell and Oscar winner Kathy Bates round out the top five among women, while The Usual Suspects star Kevin Pollak, the Transformers movies' Josh Duhamel, Robin Williams, and Gerard Butler also feature in the actors top five.

Alba will be hoping a return to the small screen will boost her flagging favour after signing on to join fellow new mum Gabrielle Union in new police drama LA's Finest. She last appeared on TV in Dark Angel, which ran for two seasons at the beginning of the century.

And Bates and Butler share a movie flop - they both appeared in P.S. I Love You.

On the other end of the scale, Carey Mulligan beat out fellow Brit Sally Hawkins for the best collected film reviews and Adam Driver beat Leonardo DiCaprio to the top of the actors' list.

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