James McAvoy upset his big action scene in It sequel was cut back

The Scottish actor injured his quadriceps and got tendonitis.

James McAvoy fears his It: Chapter 2 injuries were all for nothing, because his rock-falling scene was cut back to a "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" moment in the film's trailer.

The Glass star spent six months recovering from tendonitis after shooting the scene over 20 times, and now it seems he needn't have risked his health for director Andy Muschietti.

"We did this whole scene, rocks falling on our heads... It was brilliant," McAvoy said during an appearance alongside his castmates on TV show Conan. "We did it, like, 29 times and I pulled my quads (quadriceps) and got tendonitis in my knee.

"I watched the trailer and it's like 'blink and you f**king miss it!' It could have been my wonderful stuntman, because you don't know it's me."

Castmate Bill Hader also spent time in the hospital following an on-set injury, but his was a little more embarrassing.

"I was asked to run and I ran for, like, 10 feet and pulled my groin," he explained.

And it wasn't just the male stars of It: Chapter 2 who were getting involved in the action on set - Jessica Chastain was doused with 4,500 gallons of red goo, in what will apparently be one of the bloodiest scenes in movie history.

"That's what I was told on set," she said. "It wasn't real blood, obviously. It's 4,500 gallons of fake blood. I was immersed in it. It's like KY Jelly with red dye."

Chastain revealed that when the director first talked to her about the bloody scene, she had to convince him to pour it on thick.

"He said, 'It's only going to go up to your chest', and I said, 'This is our opportunity to really make something crazy - let's do (horror movie) Carrie on steroids!' so I fully went in the blood (sic), which I regretted a lot afterwards. I was pulling stuff out of my eyeballs the next day."

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