Emilia Clarke annoyed by Last Christmas spoilers

Actress Emilia Clarke has insisted the twist is "more complicated than people are guessing".

Emilia Clarke was left frustrated when social media users guessed the twist in her new movie Last Christmas months before its release.

In the new festive film, the Game of Thrones actress plays Kate, a young woman who finally realises she needs to buck up her ideas and look after herself after meeting a stranger named Tom, played by Henry Golding.

After a trailer for the film was released in August, social media users and journalists came up with theories about a possible twist and some guessed correctly. Accordingly, the movie's lead actress was not pleased that it was spoiled in advance.

"It's b**ody annoying. Frustrating... It's more complicated than people are guessing," she told IndieWire, adding that Emma Thompson and her husband Greg Wise worked on the script for years to make sure viewers didn't see the twist coming.

"Emma and Greg wrote this script together, but they sent the script to all of their friends and it was only ready when their friends didn't see the twist coming and couldn't guess until it happens, so that's where it comes from... It's just frustrating."

The 33-year-old shared that, given the state of the world, she's not surprised about people trying to spoil twists to films and petition for the final season of Game of Thrones, which was not well received, to be reshot.

"I'm careful with what the way that I'm wording this, but it's no surprise, it's common knowledge that the state of our world at the moment is scared and confused and there's a lot of stuff going on that's completely out of our control," the star stated. "So, when it comes to signing petitions to reshoot the last season of a very popular TV show, or whether it's spoiling a goddamn Christmas romcom, people are able to do something about that."

Last Christmas, directed by Paul Feig, is in cinemas now.

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