Elizabeth Banks: 'Kristen Stewart will surprise in Charlie's Angels'

The reboot also stars Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska, Djimon Hounsou, and Patrick Stewart.

Elizabeth Banks is certain audiences will be surprised by Kristen Stewart's role in the Charlie's Angels reboot.

The 29-year-old actress stars alongside Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott as the new generation of female crime-fighting spies, and director Banks was full of praise for the former Twilight star.

"First of all, she is a legit action heroine. There’s no doubt about it. She’s super bada*s in the movie," Banks gushed to reporters during a press call, according to CinemaBlend. "She did so many of her own stunts. Did all of her training. They all did. They all did weapons training. They all did stunt training, fight training, driving, we all took driving – not lessons but we all had to go through and were all put through our paces in all of those areas.

"And then she’s really, really funny. I think she lands as many jokes in this film as any comic actor working today. I think that will really surprise people."

A trailer for the highly-anticipated reboot featured fast-paced action and jaw-dropping stunts, and Banks revealed she was heavily influenced by Rebecca Ferguson's role in the action sequences in Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation back in 2015.

"When I originally pitched to direct Charlie's Angels, it was right after Rebecca Ferguson had been in that Mission: Impossible movie and I was so inspired by her and excited for Wonder Woman which has since come out which I also looked at a little bit. We don't have super powers in our movie so I don't have golden lassos to play with," she joked, before revealing that she also took inspiration from Charlize Theron's action thriller Atomic Blonde.

Charlie's Angels, which also stars Djimon Hounsou and Patrick Stewart, will be released in November.

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