Maya Rudolph has always wanted to play a Disney villain

The actress is gearing up to play the villain in the upcoming sequel, Disenchanted.

Maya Rudolph has always wanted to play a Disney villain because they seem like “the most fun”.

It was recently announced that the 48-year-old would be playing the evildoer opposite Amy Adams in the eagerly-awaited Enchanted sequel, titled Disenchanted.

While details of her character have yet to be revealed, Maya confessed playing a Disney villain has been something she’s coveted for a long time and admired the devilish women in films such as Snow White and Cinderella.

“They always have the most fun. I like the women. There are so many good ones. When you’re a kid you’re like, ‘ugh why is the evil stepmother so awful? Why do they have to be so bad? The Queen is such a jerk, what’s wrong with her?’ But now that I see all the nuances and the fun ways to play things, it’s just high drama. It’s the most fun,” she told Variety.

The Bridesmaids star is now confident enough to take on unusual and wide-ranging roles but shared that if she’d have been offered the chance to play a Disney villain earlier on in her career, she might’ve turned it down.

“If this had been maybe 15 years ago and someone was like, ‘Do you want to be the bad guy?’ I might’ve said, ‘Geez, I don’t know.’ But I’ve come to learn in my many years that the most fun thing you get to do is when you get to play The Most. And I know that from watching my friends over the years, these incredible actors that I admire, that they do these fun, arch, large, delicious roles,” Maya laughed.

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