Kristen Stewart hopes to officially announce The Chronology of Water in ‘week or two’

Kristen Stewart first announced the project in 2018.

Kristen Stewart hopes to be able to officially announce her feature directorial debut The Chronology of Water soon.

During Monday’s episode of the SmartLess podcast, the Twilight star opened up about the progress she’s made on her upcoming film The Chronology of Water.

“I’ve been, sort of, sending out this, like, siren song about wanting to make this movie based on one of my favourite books,” she shared. “And I’m pretty sure at some point in the next, like, week or two, it’s gonna be something that I can say, ‘I am doing this, and we are going to make this now, because we have moneys to do so.’ But it’s so hard to get moneys for small movies.”

At the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, Kristen announced she would be co-writing and directing an adaptation of Lidia Yuknavitch’s 2011 memoir. Ever since then, she has been trying to drum up funding for the project, which is slated to star Imogen Poots.

The Love Lies Bleeding star told podcast hosts Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes that she couldn’t wait to move behind the camera and “put something together from the very bottom to the top”.

“There’s an element of (directing) that’s sort of like kickstarting someone’s engine and I just know I will be so good at that. I just know how to get people going,” she explained. “I can’t wait to take care of someone and set them on a path.

“I’m thinking about one person in particular and one movie in particular now, so I just want so badly to just preserve this path that this girl is on, and I want to see what she does with all of my ideas. I want to see how she makes them better.”

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