Kristen Stewart expecting criticism of Princess Diana impression in Spencer

Kristen Stewart feels like she captured the essence of Princess Diana.

Kristen Stewart is “so okay” with viewers thinking she didn’t do “a perfect impression” of Princess Diana in Spencer.

The Twilight actress plays the late British royal in Pablo Larrain’s new movie, which depicts Diana deciding to leave her marriage to Prince Charles during a Christmas holiday with the royal family at the Sandringham estate in the early ’90s.

The American star worked with dialect coach William Conacher – who also trained Emma Corrin and Naomi Watts before they played the royal onscreen – to perfect Diana’s clipped British accent and immersed herself in research, and she felt like she captured her essence, even if her portrayal isn’t a spot-on impression.

“There was something just in absorbing her completely over the last six months leading up to this. I knew that I had hit some kind of elemental energy. If people have a lot to say about it not being a perfect impression, that’s so okay with me,” she shared in her cover interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Stewart hoped to use her real hair for the drama but she ended up having to wear a wig to save time on the four-month shoot, which took place mid-pandemic with a stripped-back crew in Germany and England.

“If it wasn’t a wig, we would have had so much less time to shoot,” she explained. “And we were f**king sprinting. This was not padded or luxe in any way. We were balls to the wall, gunning through it. Which you can feel in the movie 10 or 15 minutes in – once it gets up and starts going, it doesn’t stop, it barrels. It felt that way to make it, too.”

The 31-year-old has earned rave reviews for her performance on the film festival circuit and is a hot favourite for a Lead Actress Oscar nomination. Spencer will be released in cinemas from next month.

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