Julia Fox explains delay with feature writing debut Lipstick Palm

Julia Fox revealed production has been held up by disagreements behind the scenes.

Julia Fox has explained why production on her feature screenwriting debut Lipstick Palm has stalled.

The Uncut Gems actress announced in May 2023 that she was in pre-production on dark comedy crime film, in which she would have a supporting role.

However, in a new interview with IndieWire, Fox revealed that production has been held up by disagreements behind the scenes.

“Right now we have our cast, we have a director, but we are having some issues,” Fox told the outlet. “We just have some producers that can’t get on the same page, which really sucks and I would speak on it more, but if it does end up going to court, I don’t want to have anything on the record that’s disparaging. But let’s just say (I am) not pleased.”

Despite the disagreements holding up production, the 34-year-old insisted she will not be compromising her vision.

“If people can’t get on the same page, it might get ugly, as things often do,” she admitted. “But I think we’ll be able to come to an agreement without compromising on the artistic creative vision. That’s just something I’m not going to compromise.”

The actress, who wrote the script with Sara Apple, described the film as Weekend at Bernie’s meets Spring Breakers when she teased the project in an interview with Page Six last year.

“It’s about these two girls and they are in L.A.,” Fox shared. “One is an aspiring actress, and the other is a nepotism baby – but her dad had like seven kids, so the pool has been diluted. They’re drug addicts, so they are in recovery, but they are always in and out. One has a sugar daddy. There is a dead body involved somewhere.”

The cast for the movie has not yet been announced.

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