Jennifer Lawrence was keen to ‘push the envelope’ with No Hard Feelings

Jennifer Lawrence didn’t consider the nudity to be “a big deal”.

Jennifer Lawrence was attracted to her new film No Hard Feelings because it pushes the envelope.

While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, the 32-year-old actress discussed Gene Stupnitsky’s latest comedy, in which she plays Maddie, who agrees to become a nerdy 19-year-old’s girlfriend in exchange for a car.

The Hunger Games star stated that a big reason for choosing the film was being able to “push the envelope” in terms of risky comedy.

“I mean, I think it is as funny as it is because it’s really pushing the envelope, and really inappropriate and raunchy. I’ve known Gene for years, and he’s the funniest person I’ve ever met in my life. So, when I read it, I mean, I was dying. And when you’re on set, making something like this, you’re like, it’s hilarious,” she told the outlet.

During the film, both Jennifer and her younger co-star Andrew Barth Feldman strip off, but neither of them thought of the nudity as “a big deal”.

“The two of us were still able to like make light of it and like, joke around about what a kind of ridiculous situation that we were in,” Andrew explained. “But it’s just so funny, and much like all the comedy in the movie, it never feels gratuitous. It always feels like it’s there for a reason. And these characters have actually been led to these moments. And so there was never a second-guessing game.”

The film, also starring Matthew Broderick and Laura Benanti, will premiere in cinemas on 23 June.

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