Jamie Lee Curtis credits Meryl Streep with inspiring her to keep acting

Jamie Lee Curtis is currently promoting her new movie, Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Jamie Lee Curtis gets emotional any time she thinks about Meryl Streep’s acting career.

In a recent interview with Extra to promote her new movie Everything Everywhere All at Once, the Halloween star explained that she contemplates Streep’s longevity in Hollywood any time she feels ready to quit the entertainment business.

“(Meryl) Streep has been my sort of spirit animal my whole life, and whenever I felt s**tty and felt like I shouldn’t do it anymore, I would see her do something and then it… literally makes me cry and I would literally see her work and go like, ‘Okay, I’m just going to keep trying…'” she shared.

In addition, Curtis revealed that she is also dazzled by the talents of her Everything Everywhere All at Once co-star, Michelle Yeoh.

“The work that Michelle Yeoh does in this movie, I challenge any actress in the world to be able to do the level of expertise in all of the beautiful fragments that complete (her character) Evelyn,” the 63-year-old continued. “The only reason I’m in the movie is Michelle Yeoh. I mean, the script was weird, I really didn’t understand it, and they kept saying that Michelle Yeoh was in it, and I said, ‘Okay, great, I’ll do it.'”

Everything Everywhere All at Once, which follows a Chinese-American woman who discovers that she must connect with versions of herself from different parallel universes, is now showing in U.S. cinemas.

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