Jake Gyllenhaal reveals how he hid hand injury on Nightcrawler set

Jake Gyllenhaal hid the fact he was wearing a cast on his arm.

Jake Gyllenhaal has revealed how he hid his hand injury in the opening scenes of his movie Nightcrawler.

In the 2014 thriller, Gyllenhaal played Lou Bloom, a stringer who records violent events late at night in Los Angeles and sells them to TV stations. In one pivotal scene, he aggressively yells at himself in a mirrored bathroom cupboard before opening the door and slamming it shut, causing the glass to shatter.

During a recent appearance on the YouTube show Hot Ones, the actor confirmed he got 42 stitches in his hand after he cut it on a shard of glass. He then went on to reveal how the team hid the injury as they completed the last few scenes of the movie.

“Fun fact: (In) the opening of that movie, my hands are behind my back. The opening two or three scenes. We shot those scenes last and because I had a huge cast on my arm, we’re hiding it throughout the opening of the film,” he shared.

In the fact or fiction portion of the chat show, the Donnie Darko actor was also asked if the moment where his character’s patrol car crashes into the back of a minivan in 2012’s End of Watch was unscripted.

“It wasn’t as a mistake, as all stunts go, you never really know how it’s gonna go; any good stunt is a little bit of a mistake,” he replied. “We were all so jacked about that opening sequence, you know, we come out of the car and there’s all this live fire, we approach and you meet the characters for the first time. It was all meant to be one take so when we go it… everyone was so excited.”

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