Jacob Tremblay defends Flounder’s design in The Little Mermaid

Jacob Tremblay voices the redesigned fish in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake.

Jacob Tremblay has defended the new design of Flounder in Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid.

Tremblay, who voices the fish, responded to the criticism over the character’s design while speaking to People at the film’s premiere on Monday.

Social media users complained that Flounder – a CGI creation – looks too realistic compared to the original character’s stylised bright yellow-and-blue striped design.

Tremblay, 16, argued that the live-action design “works out perfectly” in his eyes, saying, “I was shown the design when I went in for the audition and I saw the movie last night and, I have to say that I think it really, really worked.”

He continued, “I think that they were geniuses and they knew exactly what they were doing… I think it matches everything. So if it was different, I don’t think it would really work.”

The Room actor explained that The Little Mermaid’s story benefitted from the fresh take on Flounder.

“What I think is cool, is that it goes in more depth into characters,” he gushed of the film. “And I think that’s really cool because they’re really beloved characters that fans get to see more of.”

The Little Mermaid, starring Halle Bailey as Ariel and Melissa McCarthy as Ursula, will be released in cinemas on 26 May.

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