Issa Rae recalls Alexandra Shipp’s sweet gesture on Barbie set

Alexandra Shipp noticed Issa Rae’s chair didn’t have her name on it.

Issa Rae has recalled how Alexandra Shipp had her back on the set of Barbie.

In an interview with Glamour, the Insecure actress, who plays President Barbie, revealed Shipp’s kind “little act” that made her feel seen on the set of Greta Gerwig’s billion-dollar movie.

“She had my back in such a wonderful way. Everybody had cast chairs, and for some reason mine didn’t have my name on it. I wasn’t tripping. I was like, Oh, maybe it’s because I come in and out of town. But then I thought, Dang, I want to be able to take my cast chair with my name on it home,” she recalled.

“During the second-to-last week of production, I saw that someone had taped my name with hearts on it on the chair. I asked, ‘Who did this?’ And Alex said, ‘I saw you didn’t have one, so I just did this.’ The next day I had my name on a chair. It was just that little act that meant so much. I didn’t say anything about it. I never vocalized it. She just saw me in a way that I really appreciated.”

The 38-year-old made the recollection when she was asked who she bonded with on the set. She also named Scott Evans, who plays one of the Kens.

“He serenaded me, and I had to look into his eyes for an uncomfortably long amount of time on set. Since then I’ve been in love,” she joked.

Barbie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, is still playing in cinemas.

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